Build a free NYC Digital Twin: Quickstart guide

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Build a free NYC Digital Twin: Quickstart guide

John Duffield
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I recently built my own NYC digital twin
I was roaming lower Manhattan in my own space
Its free. It took 10 minutes, now I want to show you how to do it.

  • Many feel intimidated or confused by the ‘metaverse’. 😮
  • Many don’t know where or how to go there - but really want to.

In this guide, you’ll learn to build your own NYC virtual space in 10mins using free tools from my friends at Geopipe and Spatial.

The free guide includes the following:
👉 Digital twin use cases
👉 My NYC model download link
👉 Free sites to use
👉 Mapping your coordinates
👉 Downloading your own model
👉 Configuring your model in Spatial
👉 Avatar controls & customization
👉 What’s next in world building & digital twins
👉 Further metaverse reading

Any questions, drop me a note.

- John Duffield
Global Innovation Strategist

(This is 100% free. Place a ZERO in the box to get this for free).

I want this!

You get a guide to building a digital twin of NYC along with a 3D model.

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